How exactly to buy at Americanas step-by-step

Are you likely to buy at Americanas? Check out this task by step and our tips that will help you have the best shopping experience and prevent headaches!

How to buy on the Americanas website?
Do you need help or have any questions when making a purchase over the internet? In this post we will help you to access the site, choose products with great prices and finalize a purchase on the official Americanas website in an easy and safe way!

Also learn how to identify possible frauds and precautions you need to take when making an online purchase, how to add discounts and register your credit card without worrying about theft.

Buying on the internet without leaving home, and never have to wait in line and finding the right price has caused great concern for most people. Some people feel insecure among others do not know if they will be able to make the purchase and if the product will actually arrive in the chosen model.

Learn to use filters and see the cheapest device:

As soon as you open the screen with the merchandise you will observe that on the left side you’ve got a list, they’re called “filters” through it you can filter products by prices, models and brands.

You may also choose by condition useful, ratings plus much more, just choose the option with the mouse and automatically the products will appear as they were filtered, like this.

In the image above it was filtered by value, condition of the merchandise (new or used) and whether the product is national or will undoubtedly be imported. It is possible to follow the filter that’s presented at the top of the page.

In the image above you can see that you have all the device descriptions, you will see the device from all angles in the images and in addition note that the URL has changed, this is because it’s the product description on the site, in order to complete the purchase without worrying.

My Basket

After choosing the product you can view your basket, notice that the value is a little different, this happens according to the zip code of the delivery. With respect to the region, the freight is free and in other cases a fee is charged according to the distance.

compras americanas Confirm address

Confirm the address beside and if you find it necessary to make changes, just click on ?Change delivery address?. You can follow everything via Whatsapp too!In the image above you can edit the address, select the option to receive delivery information, see the summary of the order, the quantity and also know how a number of days to receive your product.

Finalize the purchase with payment and discount coupon
Now it’s time to cover the product. See payment options and also receive discounts by entering the Lojas Americanas discount coupon!

On the same page you could confirm the address you have the choice of discount coupon and payment In the image above you can edit the address, choose the substitute for receive delivery information, see the summary of the order, the total amount and also know how many days to receive your product.

Pay in-store
Choose this option and you may receive a payment slip to cover in cash at the physical store (in cash or you can pay by credit card within a installment) or you can pay in installments on your credit card.